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  • Are you a Christian/Faith Based Company?
    Yes we are! We keep God first in all of our endeavors and believe that prayer changes everything! It is so important to have a good prayer life and a great relationship with God. These are some great qualities and practices to have, when it comes to maintaining a worry free, stress free life; in addition to practicing self love, self care, self respect.
  • Why should I buy with your company, what makes your company different?"
    We are a Faith Based/Christian, organization that provides Hair, Beauty, Spa, Life Coaching, Apparel and so much more!; To individuals and families whose earning wages are above, and below the poverty line. We keep God first, maintain a healthy prayer life and relationship with God and keep our morals and principals in tact. It's not just about earning money but about enriching the lives of women, men and children through faith, fashion, inspiration, great conversation and so much more.
  • What services am I able to get from the KLHSSB Income Based Program?
    You and your child/children, spouse can receive the following Hair, Spa, Personal Development/Success Coaching, Services, (& more based on income and circumstance): NATURAL HAIR SERVICES: Express Styles Any style that can be completed in under 2 hours Ponytails, Flat Iron, etc. Childrens Braids & Beads (Medium-Large Size) Children's Ponytail Styles With Hair Barretts & Bolly's (Medium-Large Size) Braids/Twists (Medium-Large Size) HAIR EXTENSIONS: Ponytails Crochet Braids/Twists SPA SERVICES Express Massage Eyebrow Arch PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT One on One Personal Development Success Coaching Motivational Text messages APPAREL Hand Picked, Quality, Apparel From KLH Salon & Spa Boutique
  • How do I qualify for the KLHSSB Income Based Program/s?
    There are different qualifications tailored for each program. For specific details, please visit the "Income Based Programs" section of this webiste for an in depth description for each of the program's qualifications/guidelines, that are currently being offered. Or Simply contact a KLH Salon & Spa Boutique Representative for more details about the specific program/s of your interest. 1-833-554-4247
  • Why should I participate in the Personal Growth/Development Coaching?
    This particular program is so rewarding and fulfilling. Your Personal Development/Success Coach will cover a selection of areas with you, in identifying ways to increase your overall happiness, via faith, prayer, self love, self care, self respect, wealth and overall enjoyment of life regardless of your current situation or past. You will get to ask questions and create a plan for success with your one on one Personal Development/Success Coaching. Because without a plan, you plan to fail, and you don't have to do it on your own. You may ask why prayer is included? Because prayer changes everything. It is so important to maintain/gain a great healthy relationship with God and keep God first in all of your endeavors.
  • Does the type of shampoo I use make a difference in my hair?
    Yes, there are clarifying shampoo's that will strip your hair of oils and dirt and then you will want to follow up with a conditioning shampoo to apply moisture back into your hair. It is recommended for you to use a shampoo that is comprised of all natural ingredients, to limit the amount of exposure to harsh chemicals. To receive the best outcome, speak with your hair stylist about the recommendations they may have for you, based on your hair type. If you don't have a hair stylist, no worries, you can speak with a KLHSSB Representative at: 1-833-KLH-HAIR. Added tip: Do extensive research and make it fun, try out different shampoo's/conditioners until you find one that works best with your hair.
  • How often should I cleanse my natural hair?
    It is recommended that your natural hair be cleansed/shampooed 1-2 times per week. This will eliminate build up and keep you with a fresh look, like you just left the salon. In addition, If your hair extensions are not cleansed properly or frequent enough, this can cause a greasy residue that will lay on the surface of your hair/hair extensions and the hair can look weighed down. You may also need a more frequent shampoo, depending on the type of activities that you will be participating in for that week like: aerobics, swimming, or other strenuous exercise/s due to perspiration, pollen, dirt, etc. Also keep in mind not to shampoo too often, or use "hard water" with high mineral levels, as this could strip your hair of it's natural oils and could cause hair/scalp dryness.
  • What is a deep conditioner & what are the benefits of getting a deep conditioner?
    Deep conditioning is the process of healing/restoring your hair to a healthier, much stronger state, by applying quality ingredients with a protein-base. When applying a deep conditioner, it's best to apply it to your natural hair, right after you have shampooed (and removed all of the build up & debris), so that the conditioner can penetrate your hair cuticle/strand better. The best way to apply the deep conditioner: Apply the conditioner, while the hair is wet, then place a plastic cap over your hair and then sit under the dryer for at least 15-30 minutes. You can also add a hot oil treatment in your hair at the same time, to add additional moisture, strength and to retain length
  • What is the best way to protect my natural hair?
    The best way to protect your natural hair, (especially if you are transitioning your hair from a relaxer to going all natural), is to wear protective hair styles. A protective hairstyle, is the process of styling your natural hair (usually braided/twisted up) so that none of your hair is exposed to the elimates of the world. None of your hair is showing. Examples of protective hairstyles include but not limited to: Sew In Crochet Braids, Twists, Etc. Wigs (This particular style is recommended to be sewn In, to protect your edges and skin from chemicals that are in wig glue's and tape adhesives, as much as possible) Braids Twists Etc.
  • How often should I trim my hair?
    It is recommended to trim your every 6-8 weeks. This will keep a fresh, clean style/cut. If you go too long without triming your hair, the split ends will begin to split up the shaft to the root of your hair and can cause more damage, which would later require a larger trim or cut, depending on the amount of damage. Added Tip: If you have extreme damage/split ends, you can always ask your hair stylist to only trim a little bit (like 1/4 inch), each time that you visit your hair stylist. This will prevent having to go through a big chop or cut/remove all of the split ends at one time. To receive the best outcome, speak with your hair stylist about the recommendations they may have for you, based on your hair type. If you don't have a hair stylist, no worries, you can speak with a KLHSSB Representative at: 1-833-KLH-HAIR.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my package once I submit my order?
    Thank you for shopping with us! Please allow 1-2 business days to process all orders, to ensure that we are meeting/exceeding all safety & sanitation guidelines, regulations & more. Total processing & shipping time: 3-5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays, although some carriers still deliver on weekends). SHIPPING POLICY IN DETAIL: Thank you for shopping with us! Please allow 1-2 business days to process all orders, to ensure we are meeting/exceeding all safety and sanitation guidelines, (regardless of the shipping method that was chosen). We ship Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. We do not guarantee Saturday delivery, even if the shipping is upgraded to express. We do not ship orders the same day. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the tracking number once your order has shipped. If you do not see your shipping confirmation email in your inbox within the allotted time, please double check your junk/spam or promotions folder. Express shipping options and any other third-party fees are non-refundable. We are not liable for any delays caused by the carrier, but if there are any issues with the carrier please reach out to them directly and you can also let us know, so that we can see what options are available. Most packages are delivered to the mailbox or front door of the address provided and sometimes the courier will use Smart Post. (Smart Post is an option that couriers can use to deliver packages via a locker; the courier will put the key to access the locker, in the mailbox; However, It is completely up to the courier to decide, if the package is safe being left in the open. If the courier deems it unsafe, the courier will use Smart Post, re-schedule another delivery or hold the package at the local post office nearest the customer's shipping address. Packages may or may not require a signature, so our recommendation is; provide a shipping address that you know, that you, or someone you know, can receive the package at the estimated time of delivery. If there are any inaccurate, incomplete addresses, or unverified details provided, the order will be delayed/cancelled. We encourage all customers to thoroughly review the shipping and billing information prior to submitting the order, to ensure that there are no spelling errors or inaccurate details provided.
  • How do I exchange or return an item?
    Thank you for shopping with us! Due to the care and safety that we have for all of our customers and OSHA's Safety Regulations Policy regarding Human hair extensions, WE ONLY ACCEPT EXCHANGES/RETURNS WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE DELIVERY DATE, AS LONG AS THE PRODUCTS/S MEET THE FOLLOWING REGULATIONS/GUIDELINES PROVIDED IN THE DETAILS OF THE EXCHANGE/RETURN POLICY BELOW: EXCHANGE/RETURN POLICY: Thank you for shopping with us! We at KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC strive for excellence in each and everything that we do, which also includes the products and services we provide. So rest assured that when you receive an item from us, it has been hand picked and put through a rigorous and thorough inspection. We at KLH Salon & Spa boutique LLC care about each and every one of our customer's and want to ensure that everyone receives nothing but the best quality products. So we ask that all of our customers read the exchange/return policy prior to completing their purchase. Due to the care and safety that we have for all of our customers, we only accept exchanges/returns within 7 days of the delivery date as long as the products/s meet the following regulations/guidelines provided below: KLH PRODUCTS: Must not be altered, damaged, colored, changed, etc. or dis-engaged from it's original condition/packaging. The security tags must be in tact with the product. As long as your item/s meet the above requirements and guidelines, please feel free to send your exchange/return request, prior to returning your item via email at: With the following information: Your name Your phone number Your email address Your Shipping And Billing Address used on your order Your order number Name of item/s that you would like to return Picture/s of the item/s you would like to exchange/return *Please note that, exchange/refund requests that are sent back to us without contacting us first via email are not guaranteed. Once you have submitted your request, please allow up to 72 hours for one of our professional KLHSSB Representatives to contact you with the details about the status of your exchange/return and further instructions. For any further questions, comments, concerns please feel free to reach out to us at
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