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Welcome to the KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC, we are pleased to have you!



The All Mighty God! KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC is owned, operated and founded by Akilah, with guidance from the All Mighty Alpha and Omega, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 


Akilah first began doing her own hair as a child, and afterwards she began to do hair for her family and friends. When she became of age to get her drivers license (at 15), she would bring the income based, quality, salon experience to her clients home.  


She accounts for the many times she wanted to get her hair done but was not able to afford to, but remembers how confident and beautiful she felt, after she was able to get her hair done.


"This is the reason and passion behind why I have always offered; affordable, yet quality, income based services; So that others in similar situations may be able to get pampered and feel beautiful and confident. Because consistently getting your hair done, regular massages, having someone to talk to for influential guidance and support, and maintaining your: Self Love, Self Care, and Self Respect, is not just a luxury, its a necessity, that everyone should be able to experience. In addition to those benefits, it also increases serotonin to the brain which is what causes good mood and decreases stress by up to 90%, if done properly".


KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC is a faith based, organization, whose mission is to; 

Enrich the lives of Women, Men and Children, by enhancing their: Self Love, Self Care and Self Respect via building a relationship with God and surrounding one self around people of God who are striving for greatness;

Through Prayer, Self Care/Grooming, Hairstyles, Apparel, Motivation & More.

We start by amplifying the inner beauty and then we work on the outward beauty.




KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC prides itself in providing: excellent, quality services to: individuals and families, whose earning wages are below the poverty line; impoverished communities, & more. Many of these services include, but are not limited to: 

Prayer, Hair, Beauty, Spa, Life Coaching/Personal Development Services, Apparel, Hair Product/Essentials and so much more!


KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC also provides income based programs to those patrons who are/have been:



  • Mentally, physically/sexually abused

  • Unemployed and Seeking Work

  • Pregnant Women and Children

  • Single Mothers/Stay At Home Mothers

  • Students

  • And more!

KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC also provides these additional services to patrons who frequent KLHSSB:

  • Child Watch Area for patrons receiving any of our services

  • Bundle Pricing

  • Freelance hairstylists for onsite hair services for a multitude of events nationwide with its primary customer base in Ohio and Georgia.

KLH Salon & Spa Boutique LLC specializes in beautiful yet healthy hair, with a focus on protective styling for those who are growing out their relaxers/wanting to achieve a certain hair length.


Many of the beautiful yet healthy protective hair styles include but are not limited to:

  • Sew Ins

  • Braids

  • Twists

  • Crochet

  • And More

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