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Outre X-Pression 3X Pre Stretched Kanekalon Braiding Hair 42"




Product inquiries/full measurements are made available within 48 hours upon request, via email at: or phone at:

1-833-KLH-HAIR (554-4247)




To ensure that all of our customer's look and feel their best, from head to toe, inside and out, at all times, while mainting God's word and keeping their dignity, morals and priciples in tact.


To assist you with getting your God given natural hair, long and strong and to the length and strength of your liking. 




When shopping with KLH Salon & Spa Boutique, you will be able to shop with the confidence, knowing that you're investing in: top of the line: affordable, quality products/services, along with enjoying our 7 day money back gurantee and more! 


A special note to those who have been contemplating on whether they should or should not wear hair extensions.


We want you to know that no matter you decide to do with your hair, we are here for you, just remember to keep God's word and your morals and priciples in tact. We overstand that some people may not be ready to wear their natural God given hair just yet for many different reasons.


Either way, don't let anyone make you feel as if you are less than of a person if you choose to wear hair extensions; whether it's braids, twists, virgin/sythetic hair extensions, etc.




There are times when God may say to some individuals,  that they are not to wear: hair extensions, make up, certain apparel etc. because they may have made that particular item/s an idol in their life and God does not condone that.


Your natural God given hair is so beautiful and one of the ways you can embrace it, is by taking out your hair extensions and wearing your natural hair periodically to let your natural hair breathe. 




We overerstand that there are situations where there are people who have experienced traumatic situations, with entities who have caused severe pain; And the entities who caused the pain were wearing a certain hairstyle, that may bring back traumatic memories, that may make the person who experienced the pain, want to steer clear from that/those particular types of hairstyles, that the person who inflicted the pain was wearing.  


We pray that the person who experienced the trauma is able to over come that pain and begin to live life to the fullest, operating at the best version of themselves, that God has called them to be.


We also overstand that some people may be experiencing temporary hair loss, from depression, stress, anxiety etc. (that God can heal/reverse on his timing if it be his will). 




During the process of healing and growing out the natural God given hair, individuals can wear whats called a protective style like a: sew in/wig, created with virgin/synthetic hair extensions, crochet, braids etc. until their hair grows back to a length they desire/when they are ready to wear their natural hair.




*Remember you can pray over your hair extensions just like you pray over anything and anyone else.


God is a patient God and he makes no mistakes. Love who you are, where you are and turn your pain into purpose.  




Just know that we are here for you, to provide you with quality: products, services, support, tips and so much more!


Keep God first. Pray about everything and worry about nothing.


Continue striving for greatness because that is who you are and where you come from. 




100% Guaranteed Quality, Accredited Business, Fast Shipping, Great Prices Everyday!


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Outre X-Pression 3X Pre Stretched Kanekalon Braiding Hair 42"

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